Robert Wilson was born into a life of Struggle and dysfunction. From an early age he turned to music as a refuge, working through the raw material of his life to create music that entertains and brings hope to those who hear it.
Rob, also known as Fresh I.E., creates solid music that grabs the listener and pulls them in. Red Letterz, which he created in his livingroom, made Canadian history when he became the first Canadian rapper to be nominated for a Grammy. He earned another Grammy nod for his next project, Truth is Fallin in the Streetz. This album, created in his brand new studio, fit the new calling Fresh was hearing in life too. Turning from fame in the pursuit of love for those who struggle, Fresh I.E. travels to Canada’s First Nations remote and northern reserves where the youth embrace the hope found in his music.
Fresh’s later album, Lockjaw, re-released as Out tha Oven, won multiple accolades, including two Covenant Awards and a Gospel Music Award. The album gives a voice to the fans starving for attention, declaring that their lives can be made new, as though they were fresh out of the oven.
“Lockjaw was about my fans grabbing a hold of the life they deserve,” says Fresh I.E., “declaring war on failure and defying statistics.”
Following suit, Fresh I.E. defied the way he normally created music by forming a live band, The Unashamed. With them he recorded Inside, which he and the band toured across six provinces, playing to everyone from prison inmates to 80,000 plus screaming fans at the 2010 Olympics.
Now, 13 years since the beginning of his career, and 13 albums later, Fresh has changed the game once again: he’s stopped making music. Just to clarify, though, he’s not quitting ministry. Instead of chasing a Grammy, he’s chasing hard after God, ministering through music and preaching to those who urgently need to hear the message he brings.
The letters he receives from fans say it all. Typical of the kind of mail he receives, one teen girl struggling with suicide wrote, “I wanted you to know how much you inspire me. Your songs help me to stay strong, they give the sense of belonging. I feel good again and happy to be alive.”
That’s what Kingdom Music is all about.